This is a list of pretty much all the Arashi-related translations I’ve done over the years over at say_it_again on LJ, from 2005 to present. They are divided into several sections and further listed in (mostly) chronological order unless they were parts to the same article/translation.

Please note that the further you go back the more likely there will be mistakes or awkward sentences! (Also, a few of these translations are incomplete as I never got around to finishing them…)

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As fans would know, Arashi members always go out together for meals after their concerts. This time after their 15th Anniversary concert in Hawaii, the band also went for a splendid dinner party on the 19th. The restaurant they went to is said to be one that celebrities frequent in Hawaii.



As the Arashi concert draws nearer, the more I try to avoid how upset I am about it. For someone who has loved Arashi since I was 16 (that’s about 8 years now) I am extremely disappointed that I cannot go. As international fans, we know how nearly impossible it is to even attend a concert. Hawaii…

I am so curious. What is an acceptable arrangement for you? A few thousand tickets are still available. And you live 2 hours away. I would be overjoyed to be in your position. Time would not be much of an issue, and it would cost so little for you to go in comparison to how much most everyone else would be spending to watch them.

TakkiTsuba + TOKIO's viewpoints on marriage and when they want to get married. 
Of questions and answers

If you make Arashi-related requests or have Arashi-related questions (especially ones done under the Arashi tag), can’t you make your ask/private message settings set to accept replies from non-friends? 

It is super irritating to be willing to help only to find out you can’t do so because the only way one can do this is to friend the person you are messaging or reblogging the post, options people might not be willing to take. Doubly irritating if you see complaints about people not willing to help out.


This person maonano,who has now uploaded over 15 video from 4 different LiveJournal communities, is even now acknowledging that she knows what she is doing.
I have never called her names in any of my messages to her, but I am sure others have, hence her recent post.

What she is doing is going to…



Blouse Collars, 1940s-50s - By Charlotte Dymock.

there was a lot of bullshit in the forties and fifties but the style was not part of it



Matsuoka drummed shirtless! But he was mostly hidden by his drums. They also talked fairly roughly? While Leader played guitar he shook his ass angrily, and he also had a black tanktop and a red collar. They all tried to sing together on one microphone and wore weird…

Would anyone object to me live Tumblr/Tweeting my viewing of the Love Concert DVD?


We all seen the gifs, but I just wanted to Tumblr/Tweet my thoughts?

I’m not one who minds spoilers. But there are people who do. Maybe not tagging your live tweeting/blogging using the arashi tag would be a compromise.

Rinko & Bugsy: cuteness overload
 (7th, Aug, 2013 <TOKIO KAKERU>)